• June 24, 2024

Ashley Judd Says Women Have More Rights In Middle East, Gets An Unexpected Response

 Ashley Judd Says Women Have More Rights In Middle East, Gets An Unexpected Response


Actress Ashley Judd sparked controversy for a tweet in which she suggested that the United States had less rights for women than a country like Iraq.

Judd shared an article on Twitter that suggested that women had less rights in America than they do in certain countries that included Serbia and Iraq.

“The U.S. ranks 104th behind countries like Burundi, Serbia and Iraq,” Judd quoted from the article.

The tweet quickly prompted responses from Twitter users who questioned her knowledge on the matter.

“What rights are not equal?” one user questioned in a response to Judd’s tweet.

“Where does the Constitution distinguish between men and women? If it doesn’t, rights apply equally to both already,” another wrote.

When the tweet went viral, many readers expressed confusion over what Judd was suggesting.

“Ashley is technically correct in that there are no equal rights specifically listed in the Constitution. There is however, another document very closely related that lists quite a few very specific equal rights, about 26 to be exact,” one Twitchy reader commented.

“She is totally nuts. Women in other countries are treated badly. Where has she been?? Let’s see how she is treated there. Don’t think she will like the outcome. She needs to shut up & if America makes her unhappy, she can start packing. I am insulted by this idiot. Used to like her movies. No more. She is now a has been,” another reader added.

Others pointed out the reality of life for women in Muslim majority countries like Iraq.

“What is WRONG with your THINKING Ashley Judd? These Women in Muslim Countries can be STONED to death on hear say, by a husband or a brother. They can NOT go out into the street alone, drive, or have many of the Freedoms that YOU and I take for granted. EDUCATE yourself. I worked for 10 years with a Muslim Doctor who told me they executed his brother-in-law, also a Doctor for he had a different political belief, all done in one day! Picked him up, dead the next day! Young girls of 10 are forced into marriage,” one Right Wing  News reader commented.

“She is old enough to know better than that…she has to remember news of when Iraq was overthrown and sharia was enforced…those where the bravest women I have ever seen they were lined up on their knees.and ask if the will bow to sharia, each one said no was was shot in the head one after the other…they said they would die first…that was in ’79 ….the horrors those people committed….heartbreaking…now they want that here,” another added.

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  • I think the one lady means Iran instead of Iraq. The shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979. Iraq was not overthrown until 2003 when the US finally ended what was started during the 1991 Perisan Gulf live fire exercise.


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