As Donald and Melania Enjoy Their First Dance, LOOK What Liberals Do [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were enjoying their evening at the inaugural ball on Friday night and Twitter was abuzz with chatter. Frank Sinatra’s My Way was the tune to which the President and First Lady had their first post-inauguration dance.

During their dance, the president alternated between singing along and gesturing to the crowd, throwing in a fist-pump here and there.

While dancing, he grinned broadly and whispered in his wife’s ear. The Trumps danced to My Way at both the Liberty Ball and Freedom Ball.

Twitter users, which amused themselves to no end throughout Trump’s candidacy, continued to mock the Trumps Friday night.

During remarks at the Liberty Ball, Trump was exultant.

“They said we — and me — we didn’t have a chance, but we knew we were going to win, and we won,” he said.

“Today we had a great day. People that weren’t so nice to me were saying that we did a really good job today. They hated to do it, but they did it,” he said.

At the Freedom Ball, Trump asked the crowd a pointed question.

“Should I keep the Twitter going or not?” he said, getting a loud, affirmative reaction.

“The enemies keep saying, ‘Oh, that’s terrible,’” Trump said. “But it’s a way of bypassing the dishonest media, right?”

E. Goldstein

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