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Arrested Pedophile LAPD Cop, Helped Teens Steal Cars, Weapons, And Terrorize Public

 Arrested Pedophile LAPD Cop, Helped Teens Steal Cars, Weapons, And Terrorize Public

Los Angeles, CA — According to the LA Times, when the LAPD began investigating the theft of several police cruisers by its own police cadets (minors), they had a suspicion that “lax security of the station’s equipment locker may have played a role in the alleged theft of squad cars, bulletproof vests, police radios and Tasers by LAPD cadets.” But after Chief Charlie Beck personally arrested one of his own men, he discovered pedophilia was at the heart of their investigation.

Beck arrested Officer Robert Cain, 31, at the 77th Street Division at 11:00 am Thursday. His 15-year-old female victim was incriminated as being involved in the thefts and destruction of police equipment. After interviewing her, investigators became aware of the ongoing sexual relationship between the cadet and Cain.

According to the LA Times;

“Officer Robert Cain, 31, allegedly had sex in the past month with a teenager suspected with other cadets of being involved in the recent thefts of police cruisers and other LAPD equipment, Beck said. Cain also allegedly knew of, and helped facilitate, the string of thefts that has rattled the department in recent days, Beck said.”

Any time a police chief of a large metropolitan area personally makes an arrest of one of his own men, the disgrace transferred to that officer does not go unnoticed due to the sheer size of LA County. Beck, one could say, was very guarded with his words during the press conference with reporters but openly condemned the actions of his officer when he said;

“I find the actions of Cain, if they are proven, to be despicable and I find his actions absolutely inconsistent with the ethics and standards of the Los Angeles Police Department…There may be a connection between the wooing of this underage female and access to the equipment. I don’t know…I know that would be consistent with pedophile type behavior.”

In all, seven cadets ranging in ages from 14-18 have been arrested in connection with the theft of three police cruisers, bulletproof vests, tasers, and police radios. Additionally, some of the teens were also implicated as having impersonated police officers, an example of which would have been pulling people over in a traffic stop.

The investigation into the thefts, joy rides, police chases, and crashes of police vehicles into other motorists led detectives to the inappropriate sexual relationship between Cain, who was assigned to the 77th St. Station, and the female cadet.

Two cadet programs have now been suspended, the one located at 77th St. Station and Pacific Divisions. City leaders are now calling for a complete audit of all of LA County’s police cadet programs.

City Councilman, Mitchell Englander, who’s also a reserve police officer, said he’s “calling for a full investigation and audit of all LAPD youth programs.” It’s unclear, at this point, if such an audit will turn up more instances of predatory behavior by law enforcement officers. However, as the Free Thought Project has pointed out on many occasions, explorer scout abuse is all too uncommon.

Mayor Eric Garcetti addressed Cain’s alleged misconduct. He said in a statement;

 “There is no higher priority than protecting and guiding our young people — and when they become LAPD cadets, every parent should feel confident that they will be treated with the utmost care every step of the way. The charges against this officer are deeply disturbing, and I have been assured he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Englander does not want to limit the complete audit to the police department. He wants to see the investigation expanded to include the Gang Reduction and Youth Development and Police Activities League Supporters programs.

Even the police officer’s union, The Los Angeles Police Protective League condemned Cain’s actions, saying in a statement;

“If these disgusting allegations are true, we applaud the department for taking swift action to arrest this individual for this vile crime,” the union said in a statement. “There should be zero tolerance for any officer who takes advantage of those they are entrusted to protect.”

The celebrated youth cadet program has graduated thousands of teenagers and young adults over the years. Ironically, the graduation of the latest batch of cadets will be held on Saturday. Beck appeared unfazed, commenting at the press conference;

“I intend to go forward Saturday with the graduation. I hope the media attend so they can see the other 2,200 cadets who so well serve this city.”

According to the LA Times, the district attorney has yet to file charges against Cain, whose bond is set at 75,000 dollars.

For many years, The Free Thought Project and Police the Police have faithfully reported on the hundreds of instances of pedophilia in the ranks of police officers throughout the country. Now we are calling on all youth cadet graduates or attendees, who have attended any of LAPD’s youth programs, to come forward if you or anyone you know was involved in a sexual relationship with an LA police officer.

Go speak with an LAPD detective and tell your story. It’s called rape. Pedophiles seek out youth and teenagers for sex, and getting into positions of authority over kids is one of their methods. We applaud Chief Beck for personally arresting one of his own, but we encourage him to keep going and fully clean house.

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