Annoyed Muslim Refugee Shows 5yo How They ‘Fix’ Noisy Children In His Country [WATCH]

The refugee crisis has hit a fever pitch and many innocents around the world are suffering.

Germany has been hit extra-hard by the Leftist push for Islamization due to Obama BFF Angela Merkel.

The Chancellor’s policies have opened the floodgates for these refugees who are getting little to no vetting for their previous crimes.

Germany threw open their borders to thousands of exhausted migrants from the east, bussed to the frontier by a right-wing Hungarian government that had tried to stop them but was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people.

As a result, many of these refugees are committing all kinds of horrifying crimes in the name of Allah; everything from rape to stabbings to other horrific cowardly acts.

According to MAD World News, over the weekend, an asylum seeker became increasingly annoyed by a group of innocent children laughing and playing outside near his home.

Fed up with their amusement, the irritated refugee pulled a 5-year-old child aside and show them just how he would deal with ‘noisy children’ in his home country.

The Washington Post reports that an Afghan migrant, who was approved as a refugee despite a prior federal conviction, was staying in a home for asylum seekers in Arnschwang when he became irked by ‘noisy children.’

After arguing about the clamor exuding from several children, the 41-year-old Arab migrant realized nothing was going to be done to remedy the ruckus.

Taking matters into his own hands, the Muslim refugee walked up to a 5-year-old boy who was innocently playing and stabbed him to death.”

The boy’s mother, a Russian political refugee, desperately attempted to save her son and in so doing, suffered stab wounds herself.

Unfortunately, while she survived, the boy did not. The only silver lining here is that the perpetrator didn’t get away with this evil act, as he was later shot and killed by German police.

Sources:  MadWorldNews

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