• April 15, 2024

Animal Rescuer Prepares To Save Puppies, Then Notices What A Man Did To Them

 Animal Rescuer Prepares To Save Puppies, Then Notices What A Man Did To Them


Officials arrested a man in Angie, Louisiana, on March 15 for allegedly shooting and killing fiv puppies.

Shawn Glen Jones, 25, told deputies he abandoned his puppies on the side of a road before heading back home to pick up his rifle and shoot them on Feb. 19, WGNO reports.

While Jones was away, someone else found the puppies on the road. That person gave the animals a blanket and some food, planning on rescuing them later in the day.

When the person came back, Jones had already shot and killed all the puppies.

The Humane Society of Louisiana and others quickly put up a reward for anybody with information about who killed the dogs.

“We hope that those with knowledge of this crime will come forward so that the individual(s) responsible will face justice,” Humane Society Executive Director Jeff Dorson said at the time.

A tip eventually led police to Jones, who is now in jail in lieu of $15,000 bail. He was charged with five counts of animal cruelty.

“Once again, tips from concerned Washington Parish citizens helped us solve a crime,” Sheriff Randy Seal said. “If any person has additional information about this crime, I encourage you to contact Detective Demi Rice at the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office.”

Many on social media were sickened by the shootings.

“This was so horrible,” commented one woman on Dorson’s Facebook post featuring WPSO’s article about the incident. “I wish he was in a room with all the people who shed a tear over these babies.”

“That is sick !!!” chimed in another. “And people that will kill animals, usually move on to kill people!!!”

Others praised authorities and the Humane Society of Louisiana for finding the man.

“This goes to show even in a parish, where there is no animal control, animal abuse will not be tolerated, when the public gets involved and insists abusers be held accountable!” wrote another person. “Citizens have a voice when they use it and can help instill change by supporting organizations that are there to protect our communities voiceless! Thank you to all who made this possible!”

“My heart was burdened thinking that no one would ever be found or charged,” added a second person. “It’s wonderful to know that this kind of cruel act is not only condemned by the Louisiana community, but also pursued by those with power to make the perpetrator face charges.”

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