• June 15, 2024

Angry Teen Arrested After Pulling Out Gun Because Of One Missing Chicken Nugget

 Angry Teen Arrested After Pulling Out Gun Because Of One Missing Chicken Nugget

Three teenagers were arrested after allegedly pulling a gun on employees at a drive-thru window when a Jack in the Box fell one nugget short on one of their orders.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said it all began Monday afternoon with a 911 call from workers at the Jack in the Box at Meridian Avenue East in South Hill.

According to reports, customers with an attitude were at the drive-through window and that there were complaints about having to wait for food, authorities said.

The driver said the restaurant forgot a drink and provided too few chicken nuggets. Then she said something was in her drink, which she threw at the drive-through window.

The driver and a female passenger got out of the car and began punching the drive-through window, screaming and cursing as they did so.

When four Jack in the Box employee looked outside, they saw a pistol pointed at them. The car drove off but not before workers got a license plate.

Deputies traced the car parked to an address that was less than two miles away. There was no answer at the door, but the responding officers could see the car in the garage.

Officers saw a young teenage girl and a teenage male walking briskly and was seemingly looking over their shoulders. The officer then made a U-turn, the same time the teenage male disappeared.

The girl was being questioned and wouldn’t identify herself but admitted being at the Jack in the Box at the same while an officer on foot found the male entering the towards the said residence.

They then began a police search and a stolen 9 mm pistol loaded with 14 hollow-point rounds turned up.

Officers later found a 19-year-old woman hiding in the attic of the home after deputies were allowed inside. She was arrested as well.

Multiple charges were given including assault and possession of Xanax.

The Sheriff’s Department said that “none of this would have happened if the Jack in the Box people had just given them the correct order and not run their mouths.”

Source: New York Post

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