Angry Poet Stabs A Pregnant Woman In The Neck ‘I didn’t have anywhere else to sit’ [VIDEO]

Derrick Wilson, 50-years-old, went deep into a feral rage and stabbed the five-months pregnant Shaday Tripp, 24-years-old, in the neck on a northbound 2 train at around 6:40 p.m. Thursday, police said. Zakia Lewis, 21-years-old and  the victim’s bestfriend was also allegedly slashed in the arm with the same knife.

According to initial investigations, flipped out because the mother-to-be accidentally bumped his leg, police report said. Both women were hospitalized and in stable condition.

Tripp, who is four or five months pregnant and homeless, was apparently on her way to pick up her belongings from a shelter following a doctor’s appointment.

“We got on the train, and she [Lewis] sat down, and she said sit on my lap because the train was crowded and I didn’t have anywhere else to sit,” Tripp said. “And then some guy, he was sitting next to us, and then when the train started moving, my leg bumped his leg.”

She then said the man confronted her, and she apologized. But when it happened again, the man was not as polite.

“He got angry and was like, ‘Yo, you (expletive) touched me with your leg, I don’t want to be touched,'” she said. “After that, he started cursing, and then my best friend said, ‘What is your problem?’ And after she said that, he got up, he got angry, and then he pulled the knife out of his pocket and he just stabbed me in my neck. And then after he stabbed me, he stabbed my friend.”

It was known that Wilson ran from the train at the Prospect Avenue station, throwing the knife from the elevated platform to the roof of a nearby building but Good Samaritans chased him and then held him until the local police arrived.

Wilson is charged with attempted murder, assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon. He also has 15 prior arrests.


Source: NBC News


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