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Americans Will Spend $7.1 Billion On Meat And Beer This 4th Of July, Here’s How You Should Do It [VIDEO]

 Americans Will Spend $7.1 Billion On Meat And Beer This 4th Of July, Here’s How You Should Do It [VIDEO]

Americans will spend around $7.1 billion this Fourth of July on meat and beer. The Daily Caller News Foundation recommends a few brews and hunks of animal flesh to get you celebrating America’s independence from the tyrannical King George III the right way, or better yet, the American way.


1) Yuengling Lager

It seems a no-brainer to choose nation’s oldest operating brewery to ring in another year of American sovereignty under the red, white and blue. Not even prohibition could keep Yuengling down. It also is a perfect reminder for our friends and comrades overseas that we are doing just fine without their unfair taxation and funny looking wigs.

Brewed with roasted caramel malt and a combination of hops, Yuengling lager is revered for its amber body and authentic lager flavor. Whether sipped out of its trademark green bottle or fresh off the tap, this beer offers a pleasant experience till the final drop.

The one caveat is folks west of the Mississippi River won’t be able to find a Yuengling, as the brewery solely provides the east coast its heavenly nectar.

One recommendation for those lucky enough to get their hands on this affordable, wonderful alcoholic beverage: do not let it get warm. Once above icy cold temperatures, Yuengling loses a bit of its luster. One should not fear, simply play a game of keep up with your favorite freedom loving compatriots.

2) Anchor Brewing Company’s Liberty Ale

The good folks at Anchor Brewing first brought out the Liberty Ale in 1975 and its been a favorite of beer lovers and Anchor Brewing loyalists ever since. The beer was first brewed to commemorate the historic midnight ride of Paul Revere. If you needed any other reason to drink this on Fourth of July, we aren’t sure how to help you.

Liberty Ale has an abundance of carbonation, eliciting champagne-like bubbles to the nose at first sip. Crafted with 2-Row malt, the beer is brewed from start to finish with whole-cone Cascade hops, giving it just the right amount of bite but not enough bitterness to be classified with its India Pale Ale brethren.

Weighing in at almost 6 percent alcohol, it can’t hurt to try.

3) 60 Minute Dogfish Head IPA

Sam Calagione, founder and president of Dogfish Head Brewery, has a beer as American as it gets. The man fought and lobbied his way through the Delaware government to allow him to open the first iteration of Dogfish Head in 1995. He actually helped get the legislation passed to allow for microbreweries in the state.

60 minute IPA is named for its innovative brewing method. The beer is continuously hopped for one hour with 60 additions of hops throughout the boil. Now you can see where it gets its name.

We could tell you more, but we will just let Sam explain it.


1) Spicy Chicken Drumsticks

Start with purchasing the requisite amount of drumsticks for the liberty loving bash you plan to throw this Fourth of July. Anywhere from 2-3 per person should be more than adequate.

Put all the drumsticks in a large, 1-gallon zip lock bag. Add in the following ingredients: Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, minced garlic, chopped onions (or onion powder), chili powder, ground chili paste, pepper and 3/4 of a beer (we recommend a pale ale).

Let all of that sit for at least a few hours and then grill it up to serve some happy guests.

2) Steak

Personal preferences can come into play here, but TheDCNF would recommend a New York Strip or Ribeye to celebrate America’s independence in top notch way.

Cover each side of the steak with garlic powder, onion powder, soy sauce (or salt) and pepper. Let it sit on an oven rack for 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to hitting the grill.

Once the steak is at the preferred temperature, let it sit for 5-7 minutes after it leaves the grill. This allows for all the juices to settle. Enjoy red meat, because America.

3) Sausages or Hot Dogs

Either variety can truly bring happiness and quality satiation to large groups.

There is nothing more American than enjoying a hot dog (with mustard) and drinking a cold beer. TheDCNF can let you sort out what sausage or hot dog soothes your soul. Indulge, because America.

Source: Daily Caller

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