American Soldier Asks Refugees To Go Fight ISIS, He’s Horrified By Their Reaction

Terrorism is one of the major problems our country is facing. The violence it brought to humanity spread not only in the US but also throughout the world. A video of a US soldier asking few refugees from the Middle East to fight ISIS has gone viral across social media. Their swift, sure, and immediate reaction left him shaken.

Although the left wants you to believe that the refugees flooding out of predominantly Muslim countries are just women and children, that is certainly not the case. In fact, that’s clearly seen in the many photographs documenting the mass exodus out of the Middle East, showing that a large portion of them are actually men — and not just any men.

The vast majority of them are military-aged males who have left their wives, daughters, and families behind to fend for themselves, but that’s far from the worst part. A U.S. soldier was recently able to demonstrate the ugliest aspect of this refugee reality, and he caught it all on video to share with the rest of the world since it’s definitely something everyone should see.

The soldier stopped by a known refugee center in Denmark, where he asked just one simple question of the Muslim men: “Would you go and join the fight against ISIS?”

Explaining the reasoning for his inquiring, the man said that he may have to go and fight if ordered by the U.S. government and wanted to know if the people who actually lived there would be willing to do the same.

As you can imagine, he was more than horrified as each one simply said “no.” According to Young Conservatives, the questioned men came from places like Iraq and Syria, and even though they left family members behind, they had no interest in returning or even trying to take their country back from ISIS.

When pressed on the matter, their answers only became more clear – they weren’t going anywhere. In all reality, they got a taste of the good life and saw what it was like to experience true freedom and no longer wanted what they had back home. What’s worse, they certainly weren’t willing to fight for themselves and their own freedoms in their own country.

Of course, as we all know, the majority of the Middle East is the epitome of oppression, and it all centers around the religion of Islam, which has been allowed to infect once thriving nations, creating a complete hellhole throughout much of the land. Sadly, even though they are fleeing from the effects of Islam, we’re seeing that those who supposedly need help aren’t willing to leave their barbaric ideology behind. Even worse yet, these so-called “refugees,” who are really just selfish cowards, are actually hoping and in some cases even trying to transform Western societies into resembling exactly what they allegedly fled from.

There’s no arguing that the best case scenario would be ridding the Middle East of ISIS so that people can live in and enjoy their home countries. However, when you see that they’re not even willing to fight for their own home and freedom, it’s hard to justify risking American lives to do what they won’t. Of course, ISIS has to be dealt with – but the large majority of the work should be carried out by the people who actually live in that country or left it in search of greener pastures.

Too much American blood has been spilled in the Middle East. Maybe it’s time we take the advice of the people who live there and just nuke the place into oblivion. Heck, we may even save more lives in the long run by doing so. If they don’t care about it, why should we?


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