Ambulance Rushes Little Girl To Hospital When The Unthinkable Happens, Car Just Didn’t See It Coming [RAW VIDEO]

This is the dramatic moment an ambulance overturned after smashing into a jeep when it sped through a red light with its siren on and blue light flashing. The accident was caught on the dashcam of another vehicle waiting at the lights at a crossroads in the city of Donetsk in south-western Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast region.

The ambulance driver ignored the red light as he was rushing a young girl to a nearby hospital in an emergency situation. But the driver of the black Honda CRV car, did not see it coming and smashed into the side of the vehicle.

The force of the impact sent the ambulance into a 180-degree spin after which it toppled over onto its side in the middle of the road. There is no information about the girl’s current condition or whether she suffered any new injuries in the crash.

Onlookers claim that shortly after the accident, another ambulance arrived to pick up the young patient. There is no information on whether anyone else was injured in the incident.

The footage of the spectacular smash is proving popular with online viewers after being posted on video sharing websites.

Source: Mirror

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