Amazon’s Alexa May Have Saved A Woman’s Life Summoning The Police While Being Attacked [VIDEO]

New Mexico authorities say they were alerted to a potentially deadly domestic violence situation thanks to voice-activated smart technology.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office detailed the case Monday, saying a woman had been threatened and hit in the face with a handgun.

A 28-year-old identified as Eduardo Barros allegedly got arrested last week for assaulting his girlfriend while they were housesitting near Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The 28-year-old allegedly started to beat her and waved around a gun. Luckily she’s okay, and he’ll be spending some time in jail now.

Deputies believe that a voice-activated smart device triggered the 911 call after the suspect asked the woman if she had called the sheriff.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Deputy Felicia Romero said the woman can be heard saying in the 911 recording: “Alexa, call 911.” But Romero acknowledged that she’s not sure what device might have been used.

Amazon recently began offering a calling and messaging service but only between Echo and Alexa app users.

Google announced in May its own hands-free calling feature, but it’s not available yet.

Amazon’s Alexa Voice System is being credited with saving the woman’s life. It isn’t known if the Bernalillo County Sheriff was one of the contacts in the phone that called cops via the Alexa Voice System or what model of Echo reportedly called 911. What is known is that 911 was called, and the woman and her daughter were saved.

Source: Metro UK


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