Alert The Press: The Word “RESIST” Was Written On A Beach In Maine, And CNN Is ON It

Remember when resisting the will of the President of the United States was racist, and treasonous, and terroristic, and all sorts of other bad stuff? Not anymore! Now it’s such a cool thing to do, CNN will literally report about grown-ass adults writing letters in the sand.

Doug Criss, CNN:

A group of friends got together early Sunday morning at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park along the Maine coast. But they weren’t there to frolic in the sand.

The group wrote the word “RESIST” in enormous letters in the sand at low tide, then took pictures before the ocean rose again and washed it away a couple of hours later.

Can you believe such a wonderful thing actually happened? Just look!


Yep, that’s definitely a word written on a beach. This changes everything.

It took 12 people to do that. One to write it out, and the other 11 to stand around complaining about Trump.

Congrats to these brave souls for having a free Sunday morning and a dictionary. And congrats to CNN for thinking this is somehow newsworthy. The only thing higher than their credibility is their ratings.

H/T: Amanda Prestigiacomo


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