After Watching This Video Of A Mom, Do You Think She Should Be Arrested? [WATCH]

A video of a Pecos woman hitting her nine-year-old daughter has gone viral. The father of the girl claims it’s the mother’s way of getting back at him, for talking to his daughter after their split.

36-year-old mother Angela Armendariz of Pecos, Texas was caught on camera beating her nine-year-old daughter up. The video has spread across social media and caught the attention of local news outlets.

Jesus Armendariz, the father of the girl, said that he and Angela are going through a divorce. He visited his daughter at school and her mother found out. Angela then took her anger out to his daughter, hitting and cursing at her, KWES reports.

The person who was recording the video pleaded, “Stop hitting her Angie,” as another person carried the girl out of the car.

A warrant was issued for Angela’s arrest after the video came to light. She was charged with injury to a child and bonded out the next day.

“The officer recommended me not to look at it because to him it was graphic,” said Jesus Armendariz, father of the girl.

“I thought that at that time I was strong enough to handle it and so I watched it,” said Jesus Armendariz. “I just can’t believe what I was seeing.”

Jesus said Angela has been abusive with her kids in the past and he’s tried reporting it but there was no evidence.

“I’ve tried and I’ve told them and they just say it’s the best interest in the child to be with their mother,” said Jesus Armendariz.

We tried to get a hold of Angela but she did not pick up her phone and didn’t appear to be home.

Jesus said he’s worried of what could have happened.

“A lot of kids get beat up and they get killed,” said Jesus Armendariz. “If my child was to go back to her you think that behind closed doors she’s not going to beat her again?”

A protective order was issued to Angela, Child Protective Services is evaluating how much traumatic stress the nine year old is going through. The girl is under her father’s custody, authorities said the investigation is ongoing.

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