After They Raided Trump’s Home, What Melania Trump Was Forced To Do Will…

How would you feel if the FBI entered your house and went through your closet? Pawing through your private things for some unknown reason?

It’d feel cruddy, and you’d probably feel violated, and rightfully so. And that’s how Melania feels right now after the disgraced FBI raided her home and went rummaging through her closet. Why? Nobody knows. But she is so bothered by it that she has to do something about it.

Radar Online reported:

Former First Lady Melania Trump bought new underwear after the FBI searched her bedroom and closet at Mar-a-Lago as part of the federal investigation into her husband, former President Donald Trump.

“Melania doesn’t like the idea of strangers going rifling through her things. Who knows who touched her underwear during the raid? She’s never going to feel comfortable wearing those ever again,” a pal tells Radar. “Most people don’t know that Melania is a bigger germaphobe than her husband. She hates people touching her and certainly doesn’t want to put on lingerie that FBI agents have had their hands all over.”

Insiders add that the former First Lady was “annoyed” by the search and felt violated that this could happen to her.

“This is her home. It’s her bedroom. Even her husband isn’t allowed in her bedroom,” adds a friend. “Even if they wore gloves, strangers are still going through your underwear draws. She has already bought new underwear and thrown everything that has been contaminated away,” sources tell Radar Online.

Additionally, Donald is livid that FBI agents went through Melania’s closet…

She should send the bill for her new undies to that good-for-nothing bum Chris Wray.

Sassy Liberty

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