After Comey Attacked Trump In Congress, Sarah Sanders Ripped Him A New One!

One thing that you can always count on is the fact that when needed Sarah Sanders will spare no moment to tell someone that they are either out of their mind or totally full of it.

That being said, to watch Sarah Sanders unload on someone like James Comey after he made his remarks earlier in the week when he attacked the President and the Republican Party in general was music to any decent person’s ears.

Comey made this series of ridiculous statements after testifying in front of Congress over his handling of the investigation into Hillary’s private email server and the use of the bogus Steele dossier in launching the witch hunt as it has come to be known into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign bid.

Via Daily Wire:

“Republicans used to understand that the actions of a President matter,” Comey lamented. “That words of a President matter, the rule of law matters in the truth matters. Where are those Republicans today? At some point, someone has to stand up and in the face of fear of Fox News, fear of their base, fear of mean tweets, stand up for the values of this country and not slink away into retirement, but stand up and speak the truth.”

Comey later said Republicans would have to “explain to their grandchildren what they did today.”

A few hours after Comey’s remarks, Sanders blasted him on Twitter.

“Republicans should stand up to Comey and his tremendous corruption – from the fake Hillary Clinton investigation, to lying and leaking, to FISA abuse, and a list too long to name,” Sanders tweeted. “The President did the country a service by firing him and exposing him for the shameless fraud he is.”


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