Actor’s Crazy Advice To Graduating Students: “Have Sex With An Immigrant” [VIDEO]

Comedian Kumail Nanjiani, Silicon Valley, The Big Sickrecently returned to his college, Grinnell College, to address a graduating class of seniors and share the wisdom he accumulated since his own commencement.

Wearing the traditional graduation attire, Nanjiani – who is a member of Grinnell’s class of ’01 – welcomed everyone to there ceremony, including “that one random guy from town who always shows up to things,” before mentioning that he doesn’t even remember his own commencement and it was because he was so concerned with his own uncertain future, and while he is not sure he has the right advice for everyone, he certainly did a good job doing so.

He went on about telling his life experiences right after boarding a plane in Pakistan at age 18 after living there for his entire life to head for Grinnell, Iowa. Remembering how he realized that the United States turned out to be much more diverse than life back home.

He met people who were according to him “white, black, queer, gender fluid, every religion, no religion” and, of course, girls.

“I shook hands with a girl for the first time at a party,” he said. “I remember saying out loud to myself, ‘This is a great country.’”

Nanjiani implored the new graduates to seek out opinions and ideas that are not familiar.

“Populate your life with people different from you. Once you leave school you get to choose the kinds of people you’re going to be around rather than forced to be around them.”

But one of Nanjiani’s advice stood out from the rest and it was: “Have sex with an immigrant” followed by “We’re going through a tough time right now, and it would just be really great for morale.”

Watch the video below to hear Nanjiani’s poignant and funny advice about diversity.


Source: Daily Mail


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