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Is Daily Headlines Satire and/or A Fake News Website?

No, this website does not post fake news or satire. We cite credible sources for everything we publish and each article can be substantiated via multiple media outlets. Naturally, if the article is political in nature then it is to be expected that you, the reader, will find conflicting accounts on what truly occurred so we implore you to check other sources if you feel we are biased.

We have never, nor will we ever, post an article that is intentionally misleading, sensationalized or click bait. Although doing so would undoubtedly get us more ‘clicks’ in the short term, it destroys any credibility we have and calls into question our integrity for everything thereafter. Such tactics destroy any trust the reader(s) may have in anything we publish. Furthermore, being a propagator of the aforementioned serves only to shed a bad light on all independent media outlets.

Something that should also be mentioned is how click bait is defined from one person to the next. You could ask three different people and likely get four different answers. Click bait is an article that uses dishonest tactics to get the reader to click for the sole purpose of gaining advertising revenue. It is pure bait-and-switch in the sense that the headline leads the reader to believe something that simply is not true and the article does not live up to.



You Will NEVER Believe What Was Found On This Sandwich, It Has Gone Viral


A pattern of scalding on his hamburger patty somehow looks like the virgin Mary’s face or only God knows what. The headline baited you into thinking there was a half-eaten rat, bug, or something else of the sort when it wasn’t anything more than someone’s imagination running wild.



This headline is from an independent ‘news’ website.

“OMG! After Hillary Blamed Everyone For Her Loss, Kellyanne ENDED her Career With 1 Brutal Sentence

It leads the reader to believe Kellyanne must have exposed something about Hillary or something of the sort.


Kellyanne didn’t end Hillary’s career or anything of the sort.

“You ignored WI, Called us deplorable/irredeemable, Had oodles of $$ & no message, Lost to a better candidate
From: Woman in the White House

That is a prime example of pure click bait aka bait-and-switch that we refuse to be a part of.


What is NOT click bait?


Mom Awakened By Her Son’s Sudden Scream, Is HORRIFIED to See What’s Hanging Off His Face


A mother was horrified when she awoke to her son’s screams and found him in his bed with a python biting his head.

The headline measures up to what is in the article. Nothing was sensationalized simply for the benefit of getting you, the reader, to click.


Does Daily Headlines Fact Check The Articles Being Published?

We take extra precaution to ensure what we publish is entirely factual. It is our belief that if even the slightest detail is embellished, the entire article becomes a lie. With that being said, we are a very small entity in the grand scheme of things and do not have the resources at our fingertips that big media such as Fox News, Breitbart, The Blaze and others may have available to them.

Should we publish something that isn’t entirely accurate, upon being notified of the issue we will take ownership of it and correct it immediately. The very last thing we ever want to be guilty of is being a propagator of fake news or that which isn’t entirely factual.

Something you should consider when relying on liberal ‘fact-checking’ websites such as Snopes, Politifact, and other such resources is they have been known to claim something isn’t true when in fact it has been proven by multiple mainstream sources. That is not to say they are wrong about everything because the republican right has been known to twist the truth just the same, but when it comes to political matters you should exercise caution when using them to check on whether or not is entirely factual.

We appreciate each of our followers and value any constructive criticism  you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. .

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