• June 17, 2024

A Healthy Dose of Karma Is Delivered To Serial Killer Dubbed ‘Angel of Death’

 A Healthy Dose of Karma Is Delivered To Serial Killer Dubbed ‘Angel of Death’


A convicted serial killer, 64-year-old Donald Harvey who was dubbed as the “Angel of Death” has died, two days after he was attacked in his prison cell. Harvey was serving 15 life sentences.

According to Daily Mail, Harvey became known as the “Angel of Death” after he confessed to murders during his time working as a hospital aid. In 1987 he pleaded guilty to murdering 37 people, but later admitted to killing as many as 50 others.

Many of his victims were what he called “mercy killings,” in the hospitals where he worked. He didn’t have a set method, instead he often improvised, using the equipment he had on hand. Harvey killed by turning off ventilators, giving patients infected fluids, using incorrect equipment or by suffocating his victims.

Harvey wasn’t limited to hospitals. Using his two favorite poisons, arsenic and cyanide, Harvey manipulated the people around him and killed neighbors, family members and friends.

He was also not limited to murdering at a single hospital. He committed murders at Marymount Hospital in London, Kentucky, the Cincinnati VA Medical Hospital and Cincinatti’s Drake Memorial Hospital.

At one point, he poisoned his lover, Carl Hoeweler, as well as his lover’s father and brother in law. Hoeweler survived, but his father and brother in law died.

According to interviews with Harvey and testimony he gave while on the stand, he didn’t always intend to kill his victims. Some of his victims were killed accidentally, but nevertheless by his hand and without letting others know.

Psychology reports conducted on Harvey during his time in prison in Toledo noted he had become fascinated by witchcraft and neo-Nazi groups as he aged.

Some reports on Harvey claim a link between his history of sexual trauma and his criminal acts. But, as in the case of his victim Elizabeth Wyatt, Harvey claimed he could hear his victims praying to die. Harvey turned down her oxygen supply until she suffocated.

Harvey was pronounced dead at 9:08 a.m. on March 30 by Toledo Correctional Institution. In a statement, the prison said it had a suspect in custody but the investigation was ongoing. A report provided by the state prison spokesman shows that Harvey was found unconscious in his cell at about 2:20 p.m. on March 28.

Harvey would have been eligible for parole in 2043, at the age of 91, reports the Toledo Blade.

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