• May 25, 2024

A Dancer With Down Syndrome Stepped Onto The Stage, What He Did Blew Them All Away

 A Dancer With Down Syndrome Stepped Onto The Stage, What He Did Blew Them All Away

When people with developmental disabilities do something, they seem to do it with more pride because it has always seemed to me that they know they might have a little bit harder time doing things that you and I would take for granted.

A younger member of my family is a personal trainer and one of his clients has a son that has a developmental disorder. We were at a hockey game a couple of years ago and during intermission we were walking around and happened to bump into the two of them.

He introduced me to the two of them and then my family member started asking the young kid who was maybe seventeen or so how he has been doing with his workouts at home.

The kid told him how many pushups he did in one try and was his personal best as of before they left the house. It was a moment that if I would have ever openly teared up I would have because the kid said it with such pride that it was absolutely amazing.

Everyone needs sometime to strive for and everyone should want to be good at something,

Via Liftable:

Andrew has Down Syndrome and appeared on the first episode of “The Greatest Dancer,” a new show on England’s BBC One. The BBC explained that the program, which is produced by Simon Cowell’s entertainment company, differentiates itself from the pack by focusing on ordinary people.

Or, in Andrew’s case, someone truly extraordinary. His audition began as he and his mother entered the waiting-room space.

“Show time!” he exclaimed as his mother tied his dancing shoes. “It’s all about me now, Mum.”

In a prerecorded segment, his mother explained to the judges that Andrew’s interest in dance started when he was 11 years old from watching televised talent competitions much like the one he was about to participate in. He would practice them in the family’s small living room.

“It just made him feel joyful,” she explained. “And that’s what started him on his love of dance.”

“Dance has helped Andrew’s confidence enormously,” she added. “His self-esteem has rocketed.”

The Evening Express pointed out that a unique element of “The Greatest Dancer” is how the performers go through their routines on a seemingly ordinary studio stage. But if 75 percent of the audience votes in their favor, lights flash and the walls peel away to reveal the cheering crowd.

Andrew started dancing to Justin Timberlake’s 2016 hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” and his performance was … Well, go on and watch it for yourself, won’t you?

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