A 13 Year Old Teen Is Suffering Severe Chemical Burns From Homemade Slime

A teenager attempting to create homemade slime by mixing a cleaning agent with shaving cream and shampoo was left with severe burns, blisters and peeling skin on her hands.

The 13-year-old Perth girl unwittingly burnt her skin while mixing the common ingredients for the slime recipe, Seven News reports.

Her mother has warned against other children following internet instructions on how to create the dangerous homemade mix – but there are millions of videos online.


Shocking images of the schoolgirl’s hands show how badly the chemicals inside the slime recipe deeply burned her skin.

She said her hands began peeling a week after touching the slime and felt ‘stiff and itchy’ and needed to take steroid tablets, antibiotics and cortisone creams, according to Stirling News.

Six weeks after the Karrinyup girl burned her skin she says the injuries have only just begun to heal.

Thousands of slime recipe videos have appeared on photo sharing app Instagram and have attracted the attention of young children.

The growing trend has lead to many attempting to make their own slime at the risk of chemical burns.

New handmade slime craze leaves Perth teenager with blistered hands.

From: Daily Mail

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