7yo Girl Bullied For A Year, Then These Bikers Show Up To Protect Her

A young girl named Ashley, only 7 years old, admitted to her mother, Christine, that she was being bullied by an 11-year-old boy in her neighbourhood, and that it had been going on for several months. Her mother, hoping to make a difference, set up a Facebook page so that awareness could be brought to the subject of bullying. And boy, it definitely did make a difference!

The girl was bullied by the boy for over a year. Because of being severely bullied, the girl does not even like to play outside. The worst part is that once the boy hit the girl in a very bad way and then she was taken to a hospital.

The girl was bullied for quite a time. After a major incident, in no time her mother figured out that she was being bullied. According to her mother, she was once coming back home while riding her bike and suddenly the bully came in front of her and ended up pushing the girl on the ground. Afterward, he started kicking and punching the girl. Though the allegations were denied by the boy’s mother, he was charged on the grounds of assault.

Ashley’s mother realized that what Ashley was going through was very serious. She in order to rally support, created a page by the name “Justice for Ashley” on Facebook. Ashley’s mother was surprised when she saw group members of regional bike club come to her front yard in support of Ashley. The bikers even wanted to show the neighbor bully a bit of intimidation.

A local biker James Dingmon said that his group got a word by brothers from different other clubs and they decide to meet. He even said that he does not believe in the act of bullying and no one should ever be bullied. They wanted to show Ashley that she was loved and that she had people who really care about her. Check out the video below and just see how happy Ashley is! Great, isn’t it?

Sources: Gladwire

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