5 Weird Devices That Our Ancestors Actually Used

In a world we live today where technology is advance. Our lives were easier through the help of high-tech gadgets we have in the modern world. These inventions were originated from earlier designs which most of them look weird.

5. Baby cages

Baby cages were all the rage in the early 1900s, as apartment-dwelling parents felt that their youngsters weren’t getting enough fresh air. However, the well-intentioned idea left many tots hanging hundreds of feet in the air in a pretty rickety-looking wire cage. Needless to say, we’ve now replaced this idea with a stroll in the park.

4. Baby sling

Parenting was a different ball game back in the day. These days, parents keep their little ones close to their chest. But in the past parents had a different outlook and many were happy to keep their youngsters by their side – quite literally. The baby sling was seen as a safe bet at the time, but how many modern parents would dangle their little ones just inches above the ground?

3. Tire float

The roaring ’20s were a strange time. People danced all night to swing music and swam all day using flotation devices fashioned from bike tires. And this photograph from Germany shows that in 1925 such devices were actually considered “cool.” How times change…

2. Man from Mars Radio Hat

Who doesn’t like listening to the radio… or wearing hats? The earlier version of a Walkman or an iPod. Well, in 1949 inventor Victor T. Hoeflich decided to combine these two simple pleasures to create the “Man from Mars Radio Hat.” The novel invention was sold for only a few dollars and used valve radio technology to ensure that listeners could check out their favorite radio shows while still keeping their head warm.

1. Fax newspaper

In today’s online world, it can be difficult to imagine a time without instant access to news and information. This was an early model of what we currently know as internet. However, news junkies in the past were forced to go to great lengths to receive their information fix. And one of the more novel methods was the fax newspaper. The idea used wireless fax technology to deliver newspapers to Americans as they slept. However, clunky, slow technology and the fact that it took hours to print a newspaper meant that the invention was destined for the scrap heap.


Source: Scribol

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