• April 15, 2024

4yo Boy’s Headstone Removed Because A Single Person Complained [WATCH]

 4yo Boy’s Headstone Removed Because A Single Person Complained [WATCH]

Just when you think you already know about every possible way people can be cruel, a story like this emerges to break your heart. A mother from England was devastated, on top of being in the middle of grieving, after the city council of Worcestershire removed the headstone of her deceased son. The action was taken after someone complained that the style of her headstone wasn’t ‘in keeping’ with the style of the lot.

Jo Corbett’s son Max was only 4 years old when he passed away due to complications related to epilepsy. She saved up for nearly three years before she was able to pay over $5,000 for a special custom-made headstone. The design features a teddy bear holding a star with a tribute engraved into the beautiful polished stone.

Max Corbett-Gardener died in 2013 at the age of 4 from epilepsy complications. His mother said she waited a couple years to buy the stone until she felt ready. “It would have been his seventh birthday … and this was like a birthday present to him from me. I chose a star-shaped stone because I wanted something suitable for Max,” Corbett-Weeks told reporters according to BBC News.

Officials say another family complained about the star because it didn’t fit in with the “adult” section of the cemetery. Corbett-Weeks chose to bury her son closer to family members instead of the children’s section, according to The Daily Mail.

Officials claim they didn’t necessarily object to the shape but that procedure was not followed. “We have conformity of shapes in our lawn cemetery. The stonemason in this situation did not have permission to put the stone up — and the stone is not in keeping with the graves in that area,” a spokesman said according to the Daily Mail.

A petition to have the stone put back in place earned just over 15,000 signatures, but the council stood firm on its stance, according to iTV.

Sources: America Now

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