27yo Teacher Gives Birthday Present To 16yo Student That Led Her To Jail [VIDEO]

A Nebraska teacher was reportedly arrested after having a birthday sex with a 16-year-old student. The teacher’s defense to her charges was because she’s mentally ill, her lawyer claimed in court.

Emily Lofing, 27-year-old, who taught at Nebraska City Middle School in Weeping Water, allegedly slept with the boy last year, and was reportedly sentenced Monday to 90 days’ jail, two years’ probation and 240 hours of community service.

Lofing’s lawyer, Desirae Solomon, blamed her predatory behavior on her family history of depression and work stress, according to a couple of reports.

“That’s the tragedy of mental illness,” Solomon told Judge John Steinheider. “It doesn’t know demographics. It doesn’t know race. It doesn’t know age. It doesn’t know education, and, when mental illness strikes, it can sometimes do so without any warning.”

Solomon said letters of support indicate Lofing’s crime was completely unlike her and uncharacteristic.

“They speak to a period of time when Ms. Lofing was living a double life,” she said. “People who have known her for her whole entire life were shocked at this type of behavior.”

But Steinheider noted Lofing craftily dodged more serious charges.

“This alleged indiscretion, I’ll say, took place on the victim’s 16th birthday,” the judge said.  “You were less than 24 hours from a felony here.”

The age of consent in Nebraska is 16. Lofing was charged with misdemeanor debauching a minor and pleaded no contest.

She voluntarily surrendered her teaching license.

Lofing could be released from jail in as little as 53 days for good behavior, Steinheider said.



Source: Daily Mail



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