2 Young Girls Saved From One Of The Most Disturbing Families [WATCH]

Robert Eugene Clark, 39, was sentenced Tuesday to 65 years in prison on charges of rape, aggravated sexual battery and taking indecent liberties in a case one prosecutor described as the most disturbing of his career.

“There’s no other way to describe this than as a family orgy,” Chief Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Jared Moon said.

Clark’s half-sister, Samantha Simmons, was also sentenced in a separate proceeding to 43 years in prison on charges of sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and endangerment of a child.

According to reports, Clark and Simmons kept two girls in “subhuman” conditions in mobile homes in Virginia where they were believed to be repeatedly sexually abused. The half-siblings were sentenced to a combined 108 years in prison. It was known that a third relative who has since died also participated in the sexual assaults.

The girls who ranges from ages 3 and 8 were removed from two mobile homes in a remote section of Rockbridge County in Virginia after social workers were sent to the home in September 2015.

A caseworker for the Rockbridge Area Department of Social Services said one of the girls was wearing just a diaper and was covered in dirt.

“She was a feral child; that’s the only way I could describe her,” Peggy Sigler said.

Clark allegedly did not dispute the allegations but stopped short of making a full confession.

“I ain’t denying it, but I don’t remember because I’ve got a short memory,” Clark said.  “I’ve hit my head so many times on stuff that I can’t remember half of the stuff I do anymore.”

Reports say that Clark suffers from mild mental retardation and is unable to live in an unstructured setting. He even testified that he’s actually just fine behind bars in the Rockbridge Regional Jail.

“As long as I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep on and three meals to eat, I’m happy,” Clark said.

The girls are now in foster care with a family who plans to adopt them.

Although it is very unfortunate that both show symptoms of the abuse they suffered, including signs of developmental disorders that prevented the younger girl – now 5 years old — from entering kindergarten.

When given a chance to speak before sentencing, Clark said he does not mind spending his life in jail, so long as he has a roof over his head, a bed to sleep on and three meals a day.


Source: Daily Mail


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