16-year-old boy chops up 9-year-old boy and eats his body parts

People were shocked to learn that a teenager chopped up a young boy and ate his body parts, according to police in India.

Ludhiana police said that they have arrested 16-year-old Vikesh Kumar, after being accused of killing 9-year-old Deepu Kumar.

The teenager has been charged with one count of murder.

According to the police investigation, on Monday around 4:00 p.m., the teenager lured Kumar to the woods, where he killed him.

The teenager then chopped up the body, ate some of it and drank the blood. The suspect then went home and acted normally.

He even cooked a meal for his family as his mother was out of town. When the victim failed to come home from school, his parents notified the police.

Police reviewed surveillance cameras, and the footage showed Kumar walking on the street with the suspect. The suspect was questioned and he confessed to the killing.

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