15 Clever Hacks You Didn’t Know Dryer Sheets Can Be Used For [PHOTOS]

Dryer sheets are a great invention, they help keep our clothes static free, and they help our clothes smell amazing. But did you know there are numerous other uses for those little sheets? Here are 15 helpful hacks to make your life easier.

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Clean Dirty Fan Blades

Fan blades can get real dirty real fast. Trying to get them clean can cause dust to fly everywhere. An easy way to clean them is to wipe them down with a dryer sheet because the dust will stick to the sheet instead of flying all over the place.


Clean Dried Up Bugs Off Your Car

Use a dryer sheet to remove dead bugs off of the windshield and grill of your car. The texture of the sheet will scrub off the bugs but is still soft enough to buff your car.


Soap Scum and Water Stains

Dampen a used dryer sheet and use it to wipe down your shower door, sink, tiles, and other areas in the bathroom that have water stains and soap scum.


Sharpen Scissors

You can sharpen up dull scissors by wiping the blades with a used dryer sheet then cutting through it.


Remove Crayon

If your child has decided to draw in crayon all over your home you can remove those marks by lighly rubbing the area with a clean dryer sheet.


Repair a Burnt Pan

Fill your burnt pan with warm water and place a new dryer sheet on top of the water and let it sit overnight. All of the burnt gunk will come right up in the morning.


Window Blinds

Window blinds are another place where dust can quickly build up. You can wipe that up right away with a dryer sheet. The dust will cling right to it.


Repel Insects

Mosquitos hate the smell of dryer sheets so you can use them near lawn furniture, in a belt loop, or picnic basket to keep them away.


Powder Spills

Use dryer sheets to pick up powder spills.



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