13yr Old Girl Found Hanging In Her Home With Shocking Statement Written On Her Arm [PHOTOS]

Disconcert has come to the fore after 13 year old UK schoolgirl, Bethany Fitton hung herself at the family home with the message, ‘I hate my brother’ scrawled on one of her arms.

On the morning of June 22, 2015, Bethany and her older brother, Ben, got into an argument when she failed to wake him up for work, causing him to oversleep. The 18-year-old stated that he and his sister would often have quarrels, but he claims that this argument wasn’t as bad as the others.

Bethany reportedly went to school that morning at Calder High School in Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire, where she wrote, “I hate my brother” on her arm. According to the Bradford Coroner’s Court, the teen would often scribble on herself during school hours.

After attending class, Bethany met up with her “new boyfriend at a local park and went for a walk before catching the bus home.” Her mother, Estelle, stated that she drank her tea before taking her dinner upstairs to her bedroom and listened to music, which is something she would frequently do. Her mother often pondered about Bethany spending too much time in her room, but she told her mom that she is just a “teenager.”13336120_266113367111325_60715893551895517_n

Bethany’s father, Richard, was working late hours as an accountant and hadn’t returned home yet. But when Ben arrived at the home around 7:30 p.m. after seeing a movie with his girlfriend, his mother asked him to take a basket of laundry upstairs.

After Ben walked up the stairs, he passed by his sister’s room and saw Bethany hanging. He immediately “untied Bethany” and performed CPR until emergency medical services arrived at the scene.

“I knew she had written something on her arm, but I was not aware of what she had written,” Ben told responding officers. “She often used to scribble things on her arm, like pictures or notes.”

Bethany was rushed to Calderdale Royal Hospital before being transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where she died three days after she was found hanging in her room.

Pediatric pathologist Dr. Marta Cohen determined that Bethany suffered a “heart attack due to hanging, causing hypoxia to the brain.”

The teen’s family was shocked and confused after learning that she had committed suicide by hanging herself in her bedroom. “I cannot understand why Beth has done this. This is the last thing I ever expected to happen – it was out of the blue,” said Bethany’s father.

Richard added that “his daughter had loved pony riding as a youngster and still slept with a comfort blanket despite beginning to fuss over hair and makeup like any normal teenage girl.”

The teen was reportedly popular in school and was always happy. Administrators at Calder High School said she was “good and outstanding in many subjects.”

Bethany’s doctor said she was “making that difficult transition between being a child and being an adult.”

Her mother, who described the teen as “reliable and capable,” read a statement in court, stating that “she and Bethany had walked their family dogs the evening prior and said her daughter had seemed happy and was doing cartwheels during their walk.”

Assistant Coroner Peter Merchant stated that teen did not leave suicide not before hanging herself in her bedroom. He went on to say that “it seems to me it was a typical relationship between a 13-year-old sister and an 18-year-old brother.”

“He had slept in and she had not woken him up. He decided she should have done so, and she took a view to the contrary. There is simply no explanation given to why Bethany would do what she did on that day.”

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