11-Year-Old Girl Missing in Gator Infested Swampland. But After Prayer, God Tells Man Where to Find Her [PHOTOS]

Seven years ago, a young Florida girl wandered into alligator infested wetlands. She was lost in there for four days, with community members searching tirelessly for her.

Nadia Bloom has Asperger’s syndrome, and rescuers frantically searched for the girl in the unforgiving wilderness. She had wandered into the woods when she was on a bike ride and had stopped to take some pictures.


Nadia was finally found by a member of her church, James King. She was in waist deep water when King located her, suffering only from dehydration and a few bug bites.

King said that he was able to find Nadia because he prayed to God. “God will direct your path. He directed me straight to her because I prayed,” he said.

The support that the Bloom got from their community during this scary time was amazing. “We are overwhelmed by the love of everybody… Everyone across the country praying,” said Nadia’s dad Jeff.


Now, seven years later, Nadia is graduating high school. She plans to enroll at the University of Central Florida and hopes to major in digital art and animation.

“Finally I’m putting my plan into motion because I’m doing what I always wanted to do,” said Nadia. An incredibly talented artist, Nadia has already won awards for her work.

For a piece she calls, “Dollmaking,” Nadia has won the National Award of Excellence. She even took pictures during her terrifying four-day disappearance in 2010.

“The pictures were framed in a certain way at different angles,” said her mother Tanya. Nadia loves art and has said that artists do not get enough credit for what they do.

Nadia hopes to one day create an animated series. There is no doubt that once Nadia sets her mind to something, she will achieve it.

“I’m happy and a little sad that she’s getting older, but just so thankful that we have this to celebrate because this is something that we may not have had,” said Tanya. It is thanks to James King’s hard work and prayers seven years ago that Nadia is able to go after her dreams today.

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