• June 25, 2024

10yo Abducted From Front Yard, But Then He Has His Captor Begging Him Leave [WATCH]

 10yo Abducted From Front Yard, But Then He Has His Captor Begging Him Leave [WATCH]

A gospel song saved a 10-year-old Atlanta boy from his kidnapper. Willie Myrick said he was in his front yard and bent down to pick up money when somebody grabbed him and threw him in a car.

Willie Myrick was born to atheist parents, but he was raised by his godmother, Codetta Bateman, who took him to church and taught him about God.

Grandma Codetta said: “Faith is important to this house and believing in God is important.”

Little did they know that this faith she instilled to Willie will dramatically save his life.

The young boy was frightened and his fear turned to faith as he trusted God to help him.

Willie’s captor told the boy he didn’t want to hear a word from him. “So I didn’t say nothin’,” said Willie.

But he did start singing – a gospel song called “Every Praise,” the chorus of which goes:

God my Savior

God my Healer

God my Deliverer

Yes He is, yes He is

The abductor was obviously irritated by the boy’s behavior so he asked him to shut it, but the boy went on and on for three hours. The abductor couldn’t take it anymore, so he let Willie out.

Willie ran to a nearby home and asked someone there to call his godmother. Police, who had already been crusading the city looking for the boy, quickly came and picked him up. They say the song saved his life.

“If you praise the Lord he will help you in mysterious ways,” Willie said.

“It really doesn’t matter to me as long as I still have Jesus and he’s still working and doing his magic,” Willie said. “Well it’s not magic. It’s just power.”

Police are still searching for the man who kidnapped Willie, and hope a police sketch will help their search.

Article Source: So Share This Video Credit: Youtube/The Christian Broadcasting Network

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