Zuckerberg Presidential Run on Republican’s Bucket List

Zuckerberg running for president could be a really good thing for republicans.  Or at least could be if they weren’t so busy stabbing their constituents in the back.  The two biggest reasons that voters have been moving toward the republican party is the Supreme Court and various other judgeships across America.  Trump has done a great job with that because he doesn’t have to count on RINOs like McConnell and Mr Open Borders himself, Paul Ryan.  The second reason is immigration in which republicans are making it impossible for Trump to keep his promises.

Mark Zuckerberg on the other hand wants free access to America for everyone, including rapists and terrorists.  He is traveling the country right now, visiting thirty states to try to understand the plight of middle class America.  He need not look beyond his own ideology which is the main cause of the middle class melt down.

 If there is one candidate who is guaranteed to ensure that Trump’s base, who rated immigration among their highest priorities, turning out to vote for him again, it’s Mark Zuckerberg.

For all his proclamations of concern for the average American, Zuckerberg is also associated with Silicon Valley, a place that is – for good or ill – sucking away their jobs. It’s true that in some cases of technological displacement, like the burger-flipping robots slashing away fast-food jobs by the day, they are assisted by stupid public policy, like the $15 minimum wage.

But, presuming that Zuckerberg runs on a Democrat ticket, he will represent the party behind the job-killing minimum wage and the industry behind the job-killing robots.

Assuming that large numbers of Americans are still suffering economic hardship by the time Zuckerberg runs, they are also unlikely to take kindly to a plutocrat obsessed with issues that are of interest to few rust-belt voters, like Black Lives Matter.

Some would argue that Zuckerberg’s image as a teenage wunderkind who created one of America’s most successful companies from his college dorm room will be an asset. But this narrative is flimsy. Zuckerberg has been dogged throughout his entire career by accusations that he stole the concept of Facebook from the Winklevoss twins; the battle with the Winkelvosses was even dramatised in a Hollywood movie. Should Zuckerberg run in 2020 (or 2024, as his close friends predict), those allegations are sure to resurface.

H/T Breitbart News

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