• July 19, 2024

Your Kids Won’t Be Playing Pokemon GO After You See Whats Happening In The Background Of The APP

 Your Kids Won’t Be Playing Pokemon GO After You See Whats Happening In The Background Of The APP

Pokemon Go is already being played by millions of people, but there may be some catastrophic consequences that players are unaware of….


Pokemon Go is officially sweeping the nation like nothing else before. The augmented reality mobile game, which puts characters from the Japanese series into the real world, has reached phenomena status in just under two weeks.


With millions of people already play the game and spreading out across their city to try and collect all of the game’s 150 fictional creatures, Nintendo is mining and accessing and each every player’s information.


While most players are ok with being able to play for free, by giving up some information like location and google account info, more worrisome details about the game are starting to emerge.

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So why the worry? Well, for any player who signed up for Pokémon GO with a Google account nave have unknowingly given Nintendo and their developer Niantic a TON of personal information.


When you sign up with a Google account, you’re giving Nintendo and Niantic full access to your Google Account. A by full access, we mean FULL ACCESS.


Personal and potentially harmful info such as emails, photos, documents, past location and search history, can all be seen by the company…. and the info dates to even before you started using Pokemon Go.


In addition, after giving them full account access, the company can also send emails as you, which if put into the wrong hands could have serious consequences.


While at this point, Nintendo would have no reason to use the information maliciously, Pokemon Go has already been hacked multiple times showing just how vulnerable your information really is.

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