Young Thugettes Learn Tough Life Lesson…The Hard Way

 Young Thugettes Learn Tough Life Lesson…The Hard Way

Five teen girls were attacked at a school in Palmdale, California.  Allegedly the five thugettes had picked on and beat the daughter of the attackers, who decided to give them some of their own medicine.  I am normally against violence but if these five girls did indeed beat their daughter, I applaud them.  What do you do when the school, the police and the thugette’s parents all ignore the attack?  A parent’s biggest responsibility is to protect their children by whatever means necessary.  I’m sure these five will think twice before attacking someone else’s child.

 Shocking cell phone footage shows the moment several female students were allegedly attacked outside their California high school by another teen’s parents.

The chaotic video showed students from Knight High School in Palmdale, California, yelling and standing in a huge circle as the adult attackers punched, kicked and swung the victims around by their hair.

About five female students were reportedly attacked in the incident that occurred on Tuesday.

One victim was slammed to the ground and an attacker jumped on top of her and punched her repeatedly in the face.

Another attacker kicked the same victim in the back of the head as she tried to get to her feet.

Michelle Brown, a parent of one of the victims, said another teen’s family members showed up at the school and allegedly attacked her daughter.

‘There was a mob of grown women, grown men, waiting to attack – viciously – these young girls,’ told KTLA.

Security officers were also seen in the video attempting to break up the brawl.

One officer is heard yelling ‘stop’ as he slowly walks over to the girl to help her up. Security then escorts the victim away from the crowd.
Parents said security at the school should have done more to help the students.

Jessica Lozano, a student who wasn’t involved in the fight, told KTLA that she saw a man ‘grab one girl and push her on the floor’.

She said there were two guys who were involved in the fight that ‘hit two girls’.

H/T The Mail Online


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