Nurse Gets Busted For What She Was Caught Doing To Unconscious Man’s Penis

If you have ever spent time in a hospital, you know that nurses see you at your most vulnerable times.  That normally isn’t a problem since the vast majority of nurses are deeply dedicated to their profession.  It’s just that people take that care for granted and the bad nurses get all the headlines.

A nurse at the  Upstate University Hospital betrayed one of her patients in a most heinous way.  While a patient was unconscious, she took pictures of two male patient’s, genitalia then showed the pictures to the other nurses and posted them online.  To make matters worse, she didn’t crop the faces.

The hospital released the following statement:

“Upstate University Hospital has been working closely with its University Police Department and the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office on an investigation into inappropriate behavior of one of our nurses.

Today the investigation has resulted in this individual’s arrest on several charges, including unlawful surveillance stemming from taking inappropriate photos with a cell phone of patients. This individual was suspended immediately when this matter was discovered.”

“Patients identified in the photos have been contacted by authorities. The privacy of our patients is a fundamental aspect of our care. It is at the core of our relationship with our patients and their loved ones.

This individual case is not reflective of the more than 2,000 registered nurses and nursing staff who work around the clock every day at Upstate and are committed to the care and safety of their patients. As nurses, they deliver care to their patients every day with clinical expertise, respect and dignity in every patient interaction.”

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