• June 19, 2024

You Will Be Amazed How This Woman Saved Herself From a Shark

 You Will Be Amazed How This Woman Saved Herself From a Shark

Leeanne Ericson was with family and friends at San Onofre beach, when she decided to paddle out to where her boyfriend Dusty Phillips was surfing, when she was attacked by a Great White shark.  She felt it bite her leg and pull her under the water.  She panicked at first, sure she was about to die.  Suddenly she got an idea and she drove her fingers into the shark’s eyes  and the shark let go and she was able to escape.  I guess sharks don’t like getting their eyes gouged out.

 But as she swam near Dusty’s board, she felt something bite her leg and pull her down.

“As soon as it grabbed my leg, I knew what it was,” she told Surfline.

“I remember being pulled down and thinking about my kids. My brain shut off and went into fight or flight mode.”

Dusty heard the screams behind him, but when he turned around his girlfriend had disappeared.

“As I was paddling, I heard the scream,” he said.

“It was a piercing scream I’d never heard. And it disappeared, mid-scream. I turned around as quick as I could and there wasn’t even a ripple. Where the f*** did she go?”

Leanne revealed she punched the shark as it dragged her under, and then started tearing out his eyes.

“I was trying to push the shark off of me. My hands moved down towards the eye and I started digging at it. I felt like I was digging at a cup of jello,” she said.

After a frantic battle the shark finally let go – leaving Leanne with a large chunk missing from her thigh.

Dusty told ABC News that he was sure his girlfriend would not survive her life-and-death fight with the 10ft Great White.

“I thought that was it for her,” he said.

The shark learned an important lesson that day. Never mess with a woman with PMS.

H/T The Sun


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