You Can’t Begin To Guess Why the Women of the View are Mad at Trump Now [VIDEO]

The bitter old hags of The View were criticizing President Trump today, like they do every day but one thing is different.  Normally, there are a lot of mindless voters out there who blindly agree with The View, but I would think there were many less today than normal.  So, what did Trump do this time that was egregious this time?  He..OMG…called terrorists bad names.  I hope I didn’t shock your sensibilities too much that time, but it’s true.  The ladies led by Sonny “I Love Terrorists As Long as They Stay Out of My Gated Community” Hostin bashed Donald Trump for calling the murderers of 22 people and wounder of well over 100 bad names.  You can’t make this shit up.

 Watching Sunny Hostin of “The View” attempting to explain President Trump’s blunt assessment of the murderous terrorist attack this week in Manchester, England reminded me of President Obama attempting to downplay the barbaric rampage of psychiatrist turned terrorist Nidal Hasan, and referencing the carnage “workplace violence.”

No doubt in the upside down world of progressive dogma “workplace violence” sounds more ”presidential” then President Trump’s straightforward opinion, calling terrorists “evil losers.”

Which had Hostin frowning Tuesday exclaiming that the term “evil losers” was not presidential enough, and then referenced Obama as the perfect example of all things presidential.

Saying: “harkening back to President Obama, who talked about the victims and didn’t talk about the bombers necessarily … and talked about how we as a society have to come together. I was expecting something like that.”

At which point “Gravel Gertie” (Whoopi Goldberg) chimed in “I want him or her to be one step above and I don’t want them talking like I would talk,” Goldberg said. “When it comes down to it, if you’re the president of a country, you have to speak for that country.”

You haven’t figured it out yet have you Whoopi?  He is speaking for our country.  Sorry about yours.

H/T US Herald

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