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When people call the NFL the National Felon League or some other tongue in check play on the acronym, its being said with a little bit more than a wink and a nod. There’s all the seriousness in the world involved in the statement.

Never mind the whole situation with so many of the players kneeling for the National Anthem before games that lifelong fans have turned off professional football forever (or at least until the XFL comes back), which is just one of the many ways too many of the player comport themselves.

We’ve got kids that no matter what will look up to athletes and that’s a good thing as long as you have players that will act in public and in private for that matter that there are people that look up to them and that’s a trust that can rarely be repaired once broken. Imagine being the parent of one of the many football players that has committed an act of violence against a woman for example and having to explain to them what happened. It would shatter a kid becaseu they look up to athletes as literal superheroes.

However, we see these NFL players time and time again turn to violence off the field when their own brains can’t come up with walking away from a situation or going into another room or just yelling if it gets that far. Too many of them think that they can get away with whatever they want despite the fact that eventually a tape will come out of them doing something horrible.

From The Daily Wire:

On Friday, a video emerged that showed an incident from last February 10 in which Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt shoved a 19-year-old woman, prompting her to hit him in the face, triggering him to shove one of his friends into her, knocking them both down and finally kicking her and knocking her over while she was crouching on the ground.

That video, published by TMZ Sports, reflected an incident that had been publicized months ago, and calls into question why the NFL, which reportedly has an in-house judicial process to investigate such matters, did not obtain the surveillance video from the hotel. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk opined, “Basically, the league either saw the video and did nothing (which isn’t good) or the league didn’t see the video because it failed to take steps to obtain it, thereby learning nothing from the Ray Rice fiasco (which isn’t good).”

Last June, TMZ reported that Hunt had punched a man in the face at the Bay Lodging Resort in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. The man declined to press charges.

Hunt has played every game this season.

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