Yet ANOTHER Democrat Calls For VIOLENCE Against Trump Supporters!

One of the things that people need to realize is that Democrats aren’t exactly the type that like to discuss things in a calm manner.

Don’t believe me? Ask one what they stand for and tell them you are against all of it. See how civil they are. Now, you do have the rare case where one might want to talk calmly, but I assure you they are heavily medicated.

At the end of the day, they just want to club people that don’t have the same views they do.

The standard Democrat answer to anything they don’t like is violence. “Burn it to the ground” is their favorite catchphrase. With the globalists over at the Open Societies Foundations pulling Joe Biden’s puppet strings, the next thing to be torched is the Republican party. James Comey is supplying the matches.

On his way out the door, President Donald Trump declassified a whole binder full of Obamagate documents which allegedly prove that all the “Russian collusion” was nonsense and even the Democrats knew it. It still has a bunch of magic marker redactions but what was “released” is significant.

Alleged Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray is sitting on it. The public may never get it out of his locked filing cabinet. At least not without lowering to liberal standards by resorting to violence. Comey gave a rather interesting interview to try to sell a few books.

The disgraced ex-Director of the Federal Bureau of Instigation actually believes the most ridiculous claims that Christopher Steele cooked up. Framing Trump with the salacious and debunked “pee tape” was bad enough but Comey crosses the line to advocate violence.

“The Republican party needs to be burned down. It’s just not a healthy political organization.” That’s the kind of remark that the activists have always called “chilling.” We’re in a Brave New World. Free Speech hasn’t just been chilled, it’s now frozen solid.

Comey’s Democrat followers were already ahead of him. After all, wasn’t the Republican National Committee targeted with a pipe bomb?

A lot of folks are pointing out that Comey’s statement seems a lot like “incitement to arson or violence.” Others call it “free speech and hyperbole.” Oops, speech isn’t free anymore. At least not when a conservative tries to talk.

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