Years After Her Fall From Grace, Beloved Actress Finally Opens Up. Shares Closest Guarded Secret

Most well known for her role in the 1980 movie, “The Shining,” Shelly Duvall had a brief encounter with fame. However; today, in an interview, she admitted to struggling with mental issues and being flat broke. Even if you have watched The Shining several times, there is a good chance that you wouldn’t recognize the 67-year-old ex-actress today.

In the video below, you can see Duvall back in 1980 versus her today…

The interview, which was conducted on Duvall’s ranch in Texas, revealed just how miserable she is.

“I’m miserable here,” said Duvall as she chain-smoked. “I really don’t want to die like this.”

In November 2016, Duvall did a controversial interview on the Dr. Phil show, where she admitted to the fear that someone was trying to hurt her. She also confessed that she thought Robin Williams was still alive. The interview with McGraw is what initially caused the public to catch on to her mental health struggles, as she avoided the interview questions and was in and out of contact with reality throughout the entire show. Some felt that McGraw was exploiting her, however; the episode was broadcast anyways and led to her being admitted to a mental health facility in Malibu. While at the facility, she refused medication and stayed for only three days.

In another interview, Duvall showed signs of paranoia when she was asked if she was receiving treatment.

“What do you mean treatment?” she asked. “I don’t think plucking my hair out of my head is good treatment. They are trying to drug me at the grocery.”

She also went on to say that her mother dragged her to another facility, after begging her to stay for one night. Feeling like a prisoner in the facility, she left as soon as she could. “There are too many places in the world to be a prisoner in the United States.”

Following her major role in The Shining, Duvall went on to other acting and executive producing roles until 1994. It was then that she decided to leave Hollywood and head to Texas with her partner Dan Gilroy. The two have been together for 27 years and still reside in Texas, where she admits to being severely unhappy and broke. Her only source of income today is a monthly social security check for $1,660.

“I have no money,” she said, blaming her lack of income on Hollywood. “I made five TV series and a whole bunch of movies and I have nothing. I just want to get my fu***** money. That’s all I want. My profits. I called CBS/Fox Video and I said ‘How much money did ya’ll make on distributing? They said $18 million net profit. I saw none. I was like, Holy s***.”

Some blame Dr. Phil for exposing her on television…

“They must have driven her insane in Hollywood. Shame on Dr. Phil for exposing her !”

And others sided with Dr. Phil…

“Don’t shame Dr. Phil. This woman probably contributed to the deterioration with drugs and alcohol. She wanted the money they paid her and rather than take advantage if her condition he tried to help. By the way, her family sought his help, it wasn’t the other way around.”


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