WOW: Stormy And Avenatti Just Lost BIG TIME….Now They Have To Pay…

One thing that an attorney friend of mine has always said is that there is a conversation that he has with clients when he is preparing for a civil suit of some kind.

When he is debating taking a client on, he will always ask them if they truly believe that they are going to win. He says this to a potential client and then he reminds them that if they somehow manage to lose the case for whatever reason that the client might be on the hook for the attorney fees for both sides.

Let’s face it, if you get a really good attorney you are going to be paying a good amount of money and no matter what the representative for your case is going to get paid.

Having never needed the services of an attorney I have never known the sting of having to pay, but I am also the type of person that doesn’t make a bet that I am not totally sure I can win. When you walk into a courtroom there are so many uncertainties to the situation that it isn’t even funny.

Now, this whole Stormy Daniels situation with President Trump is out and out laughable. She tried to sue Trump for defamation of character. That’s the type of suit that is usually brought on when someone claims that a lie was spread about them to the point that they can no longer find work to support themselves….one small problem with that Stormy…..what was it that you do for a living again?

From Conservative Tribune:

It’s curtains for Michael Avenatti.

After losing a legal battle he waged for the majority of the past year, “creepy porn lawyer” has just been slapped with another humiliating defeat.

In a Dec. 11 ruling, a judge dumped $293,052.33 of legal bills on Avenatti’s client, Stephanie Clifford. The docket detailing the order was quickly uploaded to law site CourtListener.

Great lawyers can win you millions and good lawyers can keep you out of trouble, but bad lawyers can saddle you with nearly $300,000 in debt. The lesson here is clear: It pays dividends to research any legal counsel you intend on taking.

Avenatti is currently going above and beyond to prove this point. He’s taking his loss hard, venting a ferociously hot temper on Twitter and hurling childish insults at anyone criticizing him.

That’s quite an attitude for someone who just cost their client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For Avenatti, the grim reality of this situation obviously hasn’t set in yet. The lawyer is now insisting his client will not have to pay out any money at all.

We have to cut Avenatti some slack for his confusion. With all of the court-ordered financial losses he’s endured lately, it’s got to be tough to keep them all straight.

In one monumental case, he was ordered to hand over nearly $5 million. This wasn’t from legal fees — according to CNBC, it was money owed for unpaid wages.



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