WOW! Sarah Palin Is Set To Fight Tooth And Nail With Santa Claus….

She’s back! Beautiful and smart Sarah Palin advances in the Alaska primary to the next round!

Unofficial polling results in Alaska’s June 11 special primary place former Gov. Sarah Palin and Nick Begich, both Republicans, among the top four vote-getters in Alaska’s June 11 special primary.

Palin, who is backed by former President Donald Trump, has 29.8% of the vote so far in the race to fill the state’s sole congressional seat.

She is followed by Republican Nick Begich with 19.3%, independent Al Gross with 12.5%, Democrat Mary Peltola with 7.5%, and Republican Tara Sweeney with 5.3%.

Santa Claus, a self-described “independent, progressive, democratic socialist” amassed 4.5%.

Saturday’s special election to replace longtime Rep. Don Young, who died in March uses a new voting system.

Palin is the most experienced politician in the 48-person field, but one opponent is a Democrat socialist from the (real) city of North Pole who legally changed his name to Santa Claus.

Here’s what Claus says on his Twitter post:

“I’m happy to announce that I’m a Candidate in the Special Election for the U.S. House of Representatives for Alaska in 2022! I’m an independent, progressive, democratic socialist, with an affinity for Bernie Sanders, and aim to represent ALL Alaskans :-)}”

More details of this report from Daily Wire:

The race is the first since the state switched to nonpartisan primaries and ranked-choice voting. The changes followed a 2020 ballot measure. The system was supposed to debut in the regular primary in August, but the death of Young, who had held the state’s sole House seat since 1973, sped up the timetable.

Voters cast ballots for single candidates in today’s primary, then the top four finishers advance to the general election, in which voters pick four in order of preference. If a candidate tops 50%, he or she wins. If no one gets a majority, the last-place finisher drops out and his or her supporters’ second, third and fourth choices are reacts. The elimination process continues until there is a winner.

The June 11 special primary is only the second special election to fill an office vacancy in the state’s history. The position expires in January 2023.

The first special election was in 1973 to fill Alaska’s sole U.S. House seat and was won by the late Rep. Don Young, who served 49 years until his death on March 18, which triggered the special election.

Former President Trump quickly announced his support for Palin in her bid for Alaska House, extending his “Complete and Total Endorsement” to her campaign. Palin had been one of the first major GOP political figures to endorse Trump for president early on in January 2016 before a single primary had taken place.

Sources: DailyWire, NBC News


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