WOW! Hillary’s Campaign Manager Just Pointed The Finger DIRECTLY At Her…

Before we go any further, I want to say that Robby Mook did not kill himself at all.

The reason I am saying that is based on the damning testimony he gave that laid put the blame squarely on Hillary Clinton.

As you likely know, the Durham/Sussman trial is happening right now.

At this moment, they left are turning on each other — but what Hillary’s 2016 campaign manager just did probably sealed his fate.

That poor dope is probably going to be worm food soon.

Here’s what happened:

Robby Mook, the Clinton Campaign Manager in 2016, said in court Friday that Hillary Clinton herself approved the idea of giving the Alfa Bank story to a reporter. “We told her we have this and we want to share it with a reporter. She agreed to that.”

He also said, “Mook said: “We decided to give it to a reporter so the reporter could run it down. Our hope was they (media) were going to run it down, that it would be substantive and accurate.”

We’ve now got Hillary’s DNA all over the Russia Hoax, thanks to Robby. This poor guy better gets his affairs in order…

Mook really spilled the beans on everyone:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Robby Mook just added to the Clinton Suicide list.”

“It came from the top dog! Confirmed under oath.”

“Then every reporter with even a modicum of self-respect passed, so they put it on Slate. com.”

“Getting ahead of this one now — Robby Mook did not kill himself.”

“Is this as massive as I think??? Direct implication of Hillary???”

“Hillary Clinton for prison is still a long ways away but even still, this right here is fabulous. Get ’em John Durham!”

This is a big deal. Clearly, Robby didn’t want to go down alone… He’s ready to take the Queen down with him.


I agree, Hillary in prison is a LONG way off and I doubt we’ll ever get there, but it’s nice to see this come out.

Who knows, let’s see where this goes, and God Bless poor ol’ Robby, he better get his life right with Jesus.


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