World’s Hottest Math Teacher Is Blowing Up The Internet [VIDEO]

A beautiful Mathematics teacher went viral on social media after her video and photos were uploaded online. She would definitely make a lot of students to like Math as a subject in school.

Most people hate Math, it isn’t easy anyway. But in case you need some motivation, this hot Math teacher will probably keep you motivated.

The video of this unknown gorgeous female Math teacher instantly took the internet by storm. I’m sure no matter how much you hate Math, you’ll never want to miss her class. After the Math teaching video went viral, charming photos also started to emerge claiming it was her.

She was identified as Oksana Neveselaya from Minsk, Belarus.

Oksana Neveselaya is now being dubbed as ‘The World’s Hottest Math Teacher’. And I wouldn’t disagree with that!

Oksana’s fame skyrocketed instantly, gaining her more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Somehow, all the hype appears to be a textbook case of mistaken identity.

Apparently, she is not the woman in the video and she’s not a teacher at all!

The truth is, Oksana Neveselaya is only 17-years old and just graduated from high school last year.

Even she was surprised when thousands of people drastically started following her on Instagram while she was on vacation.

The gorgeous young woman tried to explain that she’s not the teacher in the viral video, but her admirers simply ignored that fact.

“I didn’t understand what was going on. People started coming up to me to take photos together, then I started receiving private messages with these screenshots. Then they started leaving comments like “teacher” on my photos. I kept insisting that I’m not a teacher. Then they found that video (not mine) and started adding it to such posts. I kept denying that it was me, but no-one cared,” she said.

Well, her fame isn’t actually a thing to be upset about.

However, she didn’t really like the way people perceived the situation and requested that no more fabrications be invented to fuel the uninstructive rumor.



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