Woman’s Antics Go Viral After Footage Surfaces Of How She Ruined Family’s Magical Experience [VIDEO]

Lauren Collazo was having a magical day at the greatest place on Earth when a thief allegedly stole her daughter’s stroller and ruined the entire trip. Collazo also lost her wallet and car keys along with, because they were in the stroller when it was stolen.

If you’ve seen photos of a stolen stroller online, it’s the work of a agitated mother who quickly turned to social media after an unidentified human ruined her special day at Disney World with her daughter.

“It was very heartbreaking, and I was furious,” Collazo told WKMG. “You don’t do this to people.”

When the security officials at Disney checked their surveillance cameras, they found the stroller in the hands of another woman, who was using it to push her own daughter.

Collazo then turned to Facebook to track down the stroller and the woman.

“I took that picture and posted it on social media, and through the power of social media [I] made it go viral,” she said. “And I was able to obtain information on who this person is and actually see the post of my stroller being sold online.”

It turns out the woman was trying to sell the stroller to a woman named Thalia Rogers in Texas. But when Rogers found out the stroller was stolen, the deal did not push through, but Rogers is now out $500.

“[The thief] somehow, I guess, found the post that Lauren had posted, and I don’t know if she freaked out or what happened, and she called us and said send it back to her. So, I didn’t even get the stroller,” Rogers explained.

Up to now, no one has been able to find out exactly where the stolen stroller is right now, and the woman has not been formally charged yet.

Collazo said she doesn’t care about the stroller anymore; she was just disappointed that another mother would steal from her.


Source: Metro UK


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