• June 19, 2024

Woman Who Tried To Behead Her Husband is Arrested

 Woman Who Tried To Behead Her Husband is Arrested

April Townsend had earlier in the day began shouting that people were coming to crucify her before she committed her crimes.  She tied a plastic bag around her boyfriend’s neck and tried to behead him with a machete.  She then threw an axe at him.  Then when he tried to make his escape in his pick up truck, Townsend tried to set the truck on fire.

 A South Carolina woman allegedly tied a bag round a man’s head before trying to decapitate him with a machete.

April Townsend has been charged with attempted murder and arson for the brutal attack on David Mitchum in a Seneca home on Sunday.

Police say the victim’s ear was split in two after the 40-year-old covered his head with two plastic bags and swung a machete at his neck. She then threw an ax at Mitchum.

She then tried to set his pickup truck alight as he fled the scene.

Police reports state Townsend had put paper in the truck’s fuel door, put a gas can on paper in the bed of the truck and set it on fire.

Deputies confirmed that the truck had evidence someone had tried to set it alight.

Her victim, who told police that Townsend had been shouting that people ‘were coming to crucify her’ before the attack.

This is the second time she has faced attempted murder charges in less than two years.

In August 2015, police were called after Townsend’s siblings saw her sitting on top of her mother, after having wrapped plastic bags around her head, with her hands around her neck.

Townsend told responding police ‘she had to release the demons’ and she was the ‘higher power.’

Her mother survived but suffered several debilitating strokes in the wake of her injuries.

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