Woman Who Falsely Accused 2 Men of Rape Just Got Horrible News

It has become an epidemic.  Women who falsely accuse classmates of rape at college.  And why not?  They always seem to get away with it.  In this case then 18 year old Nikki Yovino, accused two student athletes of rape and she tampered and falsified evidence in order to put the blame on them.  Rather than face a disciplinary hearing, the two young men left the university with their reputations in  shambles.

After an investigation by the police, they determined that Yovino had consensual sex with the two men, then made up the rape because the young man she wanted as a boyfriend might dump her when he found out she had sex with the two men.  She figured he wouldn’t blame her if it was rape.  In the end the truth prevailed and Yovino has accepted a plea bargain offer for 2 years in jail and 3 years of supervised probation.  She seemed to be in shock that she would actually have to go to prison for her actions.

 A former Connecticut college student charged with lying about being raped by two Sacred Heart University football players has been offered a plea deal that could see her jailed for two years.

Nikki Yovino, of South Setauket, New York, was described as looking visibly shaken in Bridgeport Superior Court on Thursday when her defense attorney told her about the prosecutors’ offer.

In February, then-18-year-old Yovino was charged with falsely reporting an incident and tampering with or fabricating evidence.

Police alleged Yovino made up the rape story last October to gain the sympathy of a prospective boyfriend because she worried he would lose romantic interest in her when it became known she had sex with two football players in a bathroom during an off-campus party.

The players told police they had consensual sex with Yovino and were eventually cleared in the case.

Facing a disciplinary hearing stemming from Yovino’s allegations, the football players chose to drop out of Scared Heart to avoid a potential expulsion, reported the Connecticut Post.

It’s about time that these fake accusers get what’s coming to them.  Every time something like this happens real rape victims are looked at with suspicion.

H/T The Mail Online



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