Woman Takes Her Children To McDonald’s: Gets Served Raw Burgers

A woman took her children to McDonald’s for a treat but gets a trick instead.  She ordered herself a Quarter Pounder and once they sat down and took a bite of her sandwich and she could tell something about it didn’t taste right.  She peeled away the bun and discovered that her burger was raw except for the very outside portions.  She gathered up all the burgers and took them back to the counter.

A minute or two later, a manager came out from the back and she apologized to the woman.  But instead of refunding her money, she replaced their sandwiches with chicken burgers without even asking the woman if she would like that.  The woman was already sickened by the fact she had eaten a bite of the raw burger could not eat the sandwich.  I’m shocked the manager didn’t blame the customer for not specifying that she wanted a cooked burger.


 When she demanded to be contacted by a representative from McDonald’s head office, a man with a ‘carefree attitude’ told her that policy dictated the meat only had to be checked once in a 24 hour period.

‘I said I wasn’t happy with the response and that I’d be taking it to the health and safety food inspectors and she just said ‘do what you’ve got to do’,’ she said.

The customer also confessed that she’d been turned off eating at McDonald’s for life.

A company spokeswoman told The Daily Mail that McDonald’s takes food safety very seriously and incidents such as these are rare.]

‘The restaurant confirmed the issue was isolated and did not affect any other products,’ she said. ‘We have also reinforced cooking procedures with this restaurant.’

H/T The Mail Online

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