Woman Sues Publix After Her Husband Falls Into Deep Fryer and Dies

Chrissie McGee Blount is suing Publix after her husband who worked as a vent hood technician fell through a shoddy cover while cleaning the vent.  He was rushed to the hospital with severe burns and died a week later.  Blount is suing Publix claiming they should have had a solid cover before having someone clean the vent.  She is suing for the value of her husband’s life, court costs and legal fees.

 A woman whose husband died after falling into a deep fryer has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the grocery chain Publix.

Mansur Blount, 37, was cleaning a vent hood at a Publix in Dacula, Georgia, in June 2015 when he fell into a fryer filled with hot cooking oil.

He sustained severe burns before before he died more than a week later.

Blount, a vent hood technician, was standing on a thin metal cover over the fryer on June 25, 2015, unaware of the hazard, according to the lawsuit.

When the cover gave way, Blount suffered severe burns to his left leg, which fell into the fryer.

He was taken to the Grady Memorial Hospital, and later died on July 4, 2015 as a result of the burns, according to the lawsuit.

Blount’s widow, Chrissie McGee Blount, is suing for ‘the full value of the life of Mansur Blount’ in addition to legal fees and court costs.

A Publix spokeswoman declined comment.

H/T The Mail Online

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