Woman Puts Unique Decor Around The House But You Won’t Believe Where She Got It [VIDEO]

Debra Farinella, now aged 60, was arrested on a grand theft charge after a police investigation revealed she had 146 objects in her yard and house that was allegedly stolen from the city cemetery, Mount Peace.

When police arrived at her home, they noticed the front yard were decorated with items she snuck out from the graveyard, including planters, flowers, angels, pottery, lights, religious figurines, wind chimes, and other trinkets people had placed for their loved ones.

Pam Neal went to visit Mount Peace Cemetery to visit her parents’ grave on her mother’s birthday, she noticed the statues, lights and decorations she and her family placed was out of sight. Disappointed, Neal expressed how their dismay wasn’t about the stolen items’ price value but how she felt the accused disrespected her parents.

Farinella got caught when someone at the cemetery noticed her leaving Neal’s parents’ grave in which items were stolen. Witness was able to provide police a description and a partial license plate number that officers tracked to her Vermont Avenue home, where she denied of the crime and told officials she bought the items from a garage sale.

The woman’s conviction started in 1990 for fraud, was convicted in prison from July 2006 to May 2008 for grand theft in Orange County, and again from June 2009 til May 2011 for grand theft and fraud.

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