Woman on Subway Wakes Up To Man Doing This To Her

A woman fell asleep on the subway in New York City, when she was awakened by a man standing by her and when she realized what he was doing, she almost tossed her cookies.  He was urinating on her face.  Not only is it a health hazard but I’m pretty sure it’s a crime unless of course you are an illegal alien.  How could you ever ride the subway again?

 A woman riding the subway in New York City was stunned when she woke up to find a man urinating on her face.

She had been sitting in a middle car on the J train on Thursday at about 2 am and had her eyes closed while listening to music on her headphones, police say.

The unidentified victim says she felt liquid spray on her face before realizing it was urine.

But the uninhibited culprit – who was wearing a red shirt and black pants at the time of the unfortunate incident – got off at Cypress Hills.

But this just goes to prove what I’ve always said, :It’s better to be pissed off than to be pissed on.”

H/T The Mail Online


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